Burst of Speed
Transmutation (Sonic) / Personal / 1 round per level
Gain +10 feet to speed at 1st level. +20 feet to speed at 6th. +30 feet to speed at 10th.

Abjuration (Sonic) / 50 foot range, 30 foot radius / no more than 1 round per level
Counter magical effects based on sound. One cast, the bard may continue singing as a free action each round. While singinging, the bard cannot cast perform any action requiring a verbal component (including casting other spellsongs). Each round of the countersong make a Perform check. Any ally within 30 feet of the point of origin may use either the Perform check or their Saving Throw, whichever is better. This spellsong can be used preventatively.

Cushion Fall
Abjuration (Sonic) / 100 foot range / one creature or object / instant
The target of the spell takes no damage from falls of up to 20 feet per level. For longer falls, subtract the 20 feet per level from the distance fallen when determining damage. This spellsong can be cast out of turn. If cast out of turn, during your next turn you are limited to either a single move or standard action.

Deflect Blow
Abjuration (Sonic) / 20 foot range / one creature or object / 1 round per level
The subject gains a +10 deflection bonus to AC the next time they are attacked or until the spell ends, whichever comes first.

Destroy With Sound
Evocation (Sonic) / 20 feet / Instant / Fortitude halves (see text)
If used as an area attack, it shatters non-magical crystal, glass, ceramic and porcelain objects, weighing no more than 1 pound per caster level, in a 3 foot radius. If used as a direct attack it shatters a single, non-magical object of up to 10 pounds per caster level. If used against a crystalline creature it causes 1d4 damage per level (maximum 10d4). Fortitude save reduces to half damage.

Enchantment (Charm, Mind-Affecting, Sonic) / 50 feet / 1 living being per level / 1 round per level / Will negates
Gain +2 Charisma when interacting with affected targets. Targets cannot be more than 20 feet apart. This spell increased the DC of spellsongs used against affected targets.

Inspire Courage
Enchantment (Charm, Mind-Affecting, Sonic) / 20 feet / All allies within range
Allies within range gain +2 morale bonus to saving throws vs charm and fear effects and +1 morale bonus to attack and damage rolls. The effect lasts as long as the bard sings (or the ally can hear the singing) and for 5 rounds after. To be affected, an ally has to hear the song for one full round. While singing, the bard cannot take any action that has a verbal component, including singing other spellsons.

Minor Healing
Conjuration (Healing, Sonic) / Touch / 1 being / Instantaneous
Heal 1d6 hit points. Does not affect undead.

Misdirected Sound
Illusion (Figment, Sonic) / 25 feet / 1 minute per level / Will disbelief
Make your voice (or any sound you can normally vocalize) issue from somewhere else within range. Anyone who hears the sound can make a WIll save to disbelief. If they succeed they know the sound to be an illusion but still hear it. The spell can be set to repeat a sound over and over or to continually broadcast what you vocalize. If you are broadcasting and stop actively doing so, it loops back to the beginning of your broadcast and repeats until the spell ends.

Momentary Charm
Enchantment (Charm, Language-Dependent, Mind-Affecting, Sonic) / 20 feet / 1 intelligent being / 1 round per level / Will negates
Makes the target regard you as a friend. If cast while you are your friends are attacking the being it receives +5 on the saving throw. The target must be able to understand you. This isn’t mind-control. The target is well-disposed to you but won’t automatically obey commands. Being attacked by you or an ally breaks the spell.

Momentary Disappearance
Transmutation (Sonic) / Personal / 1 round per 2 levels, max 5
You become invisible. Light (such as from a lantern) does not become invisible nor do objects held that extend more than 10 feet beyond you (such as a trailing rope). If you attempt to directly affect another being, the spell ends.

Momentary Protection
Abjuration (Sonic) / Touch / 1 creature / 1 round per level
Target gains +1 deflection bonus to AC. At 6th level it increases to +2. At 11th level it increase to +3. At 15th level it increase to +4.

Transmutation (Sonic) / Personal / 1 minute per level
Gain a +5 competence bonus to Hide checks.

Off Balance
Transmutation (Sonic) / 50 feet / 1 creature / 1 round / Reflex negates
Target is knocked off balance and suffers -2 to attack rolls, ability and skill checks and Reflex saving throws. If the target takes any action beyond defense it must make a Balance check (DC 20) or fall prone.

Personal Knowledge
Divination (Sonic) / Touch / 1 being / Instantaneous / Will negates
Learn one of the following about the target (your choice): name, age, race/type, class, closest ally, most hated enemy.

Quiet Movement
Transmutation (Sonic) / Personal / 1 minute per level
Gain a +5 competence bonus to Move Silently checks.

Evocation (Sonic) / 30 foot cone / Instantaneous / Reflex halves
Cone of sonic energy does 1d4 damage per 3 caster levels (up to 5d4).

Sonic Dart
Evocation (Sonic) / 50 feet / 1 being or object / Instantaneous
Make a ranged touch attack. A hit inflicts 1d4 points of damage plus 1d4 points of damage per 3 caster levels (up to 3d4).

Sonic Stab
Evocation (Sonic) / Touch / 1 being or object / Instantaneous
Make a touch attack. A hit inflicts 1d8 points of damage plus 1 point per caster level (up to maximum of 1d8+20).

Enchantment (Mind-Affecting, Sonic) / 50 feet / 1 being / 1 round / Fort negates
Stun a creature for 1 round. The target can’t take actions, loses Dex bonus to AC and suffers an additional -2 penalty to AC.

True Language
Divination (Sonic) / Personal / 1 round per level
For the duration of the spellsong, anyone who can hear you understands your words as if they are being spoken in their native language. At 10th level, you can also understand others using this spellsong. The spellsong doesn’t translate written or gesture based languages.

Transmutation (Language Dependent, Sonic) / Sight / 1 creature per level / 1 minute per level
You can carry on a conversation with the targets from a distance. The conversation must be spoken aloud but can be whispered. Magic silence, 1 foot of stone, 1 inch of metal (or a thin sheet of lead) or 1 yard of wood or dirt blocks the spellsong.


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