Player’s Handbook

Barbarian: Warriors from less civilized parts of Krystallos. Barbarians are likely to be from The Thulite tribes, Amazonite tribe or the Tanzinite Depths. Barbarians from the Citrine Wastes are possible but rare.

Bards: Wandering musicians and storytellers, most bards are much more than they seem. Many bards belong to the Bard College, a secret organization dedicated to discovering the “story” that the Totems wove to create the world by acquiring as much knowledge as possible. Bards are recruited from every land, though Thulite, Tanzinite, Chalcedonan and Amazonite Bards are rare. This campaign uses an alternate Bard class.

Clerics: Clerics are priests who serve the will of the Totems and are given special powers through their divine provenance. They come from every land and species.

Druids: Druids belong to a special order who have learned how to tap into the same magic that the Totems used to create Krystallos. Druids tend to come from lands with a strong respect for nature such as the Sapphire Forest, the Citrine Wastes, the Emerald and Turquoise Shires and the Tanzenite Depths.

Fighters: Warriors are universal. Every land and every race counts fighters amongst their ranks.

Monks: Monks spend their lives pursuing spiritual and physical perfection and unity. There are roughly a hundred different monastic orders in Krystallos. Most are located in the Jade Kingdom but the simple, quiet strength of the monk appeals to many people and orders have been founded in other lands as well.

Paladins: Paladins are holy warriors in service to certain Totems (those with a good alignment). Fierce warriors, they are given divine abilities by their patron Totem in exchange for service to a life dedicated to good and helping others.

Rangers: Druids aren’t the only people who gain power by being close to nature. Rangers are experts in the wild lands and survival. They function equally well as hunter and as protector. Rangers are more common in the wild areas of the world like the Sapphire Forest, Citrine Wastes, the Amazonite Tribelands, the Thulite tribelands and the Tenzenite Depths.

Rogues: Rogues, like warriors, are universal. They can be found everywhere among every people, even the reclusive Illithid and stalwart Darfellan. Rogues who are actual thieves know that paying their dues to the Cartel, a criminal organization that spreads across Krystallos, is a good idea.

Wizards: The concept of learning spellcasting through study and scholarship is relatively new in Krystallos, less than one hundred years old. However, it has advanced quickly since it was discovered by spying on the enemy during the Great Invasion. Wizards are still distrusted by much of the population but wiser heads see the benefit that wizards can bring to the world (and their personal lives). Most wizards come from civilized lands where literacy is fairly common. There aren’t many Thulite or Darfellan wizards.

Player’s Handbook II

Knights: While there are many nobles who can claim a knightly title in the Amethystian Empire, true knights are rare. True knights are masters of controlling a battlefield through challenges and experts in using their armor and shields to defend both themselves and their allies. True knights follow a strict code of honor. Knights are generally from either the Amethystian Empire or from the remnants of the Obsidian Kingdom. They are usually human but other races occasional heed the call to serve and protect.

Expanded Psionics Handbook

Psion: Psions study the power of their own mind, using the energy of their inner self to power a number of seemingly magical effects. Each Psion speciaizes in one of six fields: clairsentience, metacreativity, psychokinesis, psychmetabolism, psychoportation or telepathy. Most psions are Illithid, who are naturally gifted in the field but occasionally members of other races show the potential as well.

Soulknife: Not all psionics develop a wide variety of powers. Some learn to channel their mental energy into semisolid blades for combat. These psionic warriors are most common among the Illithid but members of other races occasionally develop the knack.


Factotum: A true jack of all trades but master of none. Factotums learn a bit of magic, a bit of martial ability, how to tap into the divine and how rogues deal with the world. Factotums are pure adventurers who rely on skill and a wide but shallow variety of knowledge to deal with problems. They are most often humans though occasionally come from other races.

Miniature’s Handbook

Healer: Healers are clerics but they’ve dedicated themselves to mastering the art of curative magics. Every Totem’s clergy offers healing to their followers so there are Healers who serve every Totem, from every land and race.

Complete Warrior

Samurai: Noble warriors from the Jade Kingdom, Samurai are masters of their specialized weapons, the katana and wakizashi. Their dedication to their code feels like a literal force that intimidates opponents and gives strength to the samurai. Samurai outside of the Jade Kingdom are usually out on a long term mission given to them by their Daimyo or the Shogun.

Swashbuckler: Not every fighter relies on strength or martial talent. Some like to look good while they fight. Swashbucklers have mastered daring, panache, agility and wit in battle. Many, but not all, Swashbucklers come from the Pearl Islands.

Complete Adventurer

Scouts: Scouts are masters of terrain, capable of navigating anywhere and detecting opponents before being seen. Scouts are spies of the wild and have mastered the ability of using movement as a method of increasing damage. Scouts are common among most lands and races, though not often found among the Illithid.

Eberron Campaign Setting

Artificer: A form of wizard who specializes in crafting magical items. The artificer cannot cast spells but instead infuses items with mystical power. Any wizard can learn to create magic items but artificers understand it on a level that goes beyond simple creation. Artificers are usually expert alchemists or engineers as well. While Artificers can come from most races and lands that practice magic, they are most common among kobolds and gnomes.


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