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  • Krystallos

    * The [[Geography and Culture | Geography and Culture]] of Krystallos * [[Magic | Magic]] in Krystallos * [[Religion | Religion]] in Krystallos * The [[Races | Races]] of Krystallos * The [[Nations | Nations]] of Krystallos * The [[Languages | …

  • Magic

    Magic has never been unknown in Krystallos. The Totems have always given power to their favored clergy. Druids and rangers have known how to draw the magic the totems used to create Krystallos into themselves. Psions have learned how to harness the power …

  • Religion

    *The Totems of Krystallos* While the Totems all belong to the same pantheon there is a fairly wide range of religious practices throughout Krystallos. Since the Totems exist as physical forms they aren't generally imagined as having organic forms. The …

  • Races

    *Humans* Humans are the most populous race of Krystallos. They are the primary populations of the Amethystian empire, the Free City of Peridot, the Chalcedony Protectorate, the Jade Kingdom, the Pearl Territories, the Quartz Territories and the Amazonite …

  • Nations

    *Amethystian Empire* The Amethystian Empire is the largest political entity in Krystallos and consists of seven provinces: Amethyst, Tourmaline, Thulute, Alexandrite, Iolite, Scapolite and Onyx. The empire has the largest standing military in the world …

  • Classes

    h3. Player's Handbook *Barbarian*: Warriors from less civilized parts of Krystallos. Barbarians are likely to be from The Thulite tribes, Amazonite tribe or the Tanzinite Depths. Barbarians from the Citrine Wastes are possible but rare. *Bards*: …

  • Buckler Lake


    Monster Manual

    *Lizardmen*: Not all of Tiamat's forces came from beyond the portal. Midway through the war the invaders captured an entire tribe of kobolds. Tiamat's god-generals took special care in torturing and warping the poor kobolds until they were changed, body …

  • Organizations

    *The Cartel*: The Cartel grew up in the Free City of Peridot roughly twenty years before the Great Invasion. Originally one of a number of rival thieving guilds in the city, the Cartel gained dominance over the others through guile, blackmail, stealth …

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