A century has passed since the Great Invasion, when the slave armies of Tiamat poured forth from portals located deep beneath the Obsidian Kingdom. It took the efforts of a united Krystallos to push back the invasion force but Tiamat’s armies were defeated and the people breathed easy, knowing the threat was over.

A hundred years later, the world of Krystallos has healed the bitter scars of war but all is not well. Evil plots in secret places to accomplish with guile what could not be accomplished with force.

Now, an orphaned barbarian, a mysterious druid, a simple thief, a dishonored samurai and a storytelling bard find themselves entangled in a quest to stop the destruction of their land.

Dungeons and Dragons: Krystallos is played using the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 rules.

Dungeons and Dragons: Krystallos

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