Buckler Lake

Buckler Lake is a mining community, one of a handful, located in the grasslands of Peridot. It sits on the edge of Buckler Lake, for which it is named. The lake was once renowned for beautiful, crystal clear waters and plentiful fishing but years of runoff from the town's smelting plant has turned it toxic. Now, only the most dangerous predator monsters live there. The fishermen are long since gone and now the town's only industry are the local iron and silver mines and the businesses that carter to the miners. Buckler Lake has a population of just over one thousand citizens.

Important Citizens of Buckler Lake

  • Governor-Mayor Lanod Neff (human): The governor-mayor of Buckler Lake, assigned by the Lord-Governor of Peridot, lives in a constant power struggle with the town’s mine managers. That doesn’t mean he’s particularly interested in the welfare of the people, though. Neff firmly believes that if he’s not affected directly, whatever’s occurring town doesn’t happen.
  • Sheriff Cubbin (human): Everything a sheriff shouldn’t be, Cubbin is a bully, pure and simple. He and a half-dozen deputies are in charge of “keeping the peace” in Buckler Lake.
  • Allustan Neff (human): Allustan seems to be what his brother is not: personable, intelligent and not interested in personal power. Perhaps that is because he already has quite a bit. Allustan is a powerful wizard and retired adventurer.
  • Balabar Smenk (human): Smenk is as disgusting on the outside as he is on the inside. He not only manages but owns four mines in Buckler Lake.
  • Chaum Gansworth (human): The youngest mine manager in Buckler Lake.
  • Ellival Moonmeadow (elf): Also known as the Prince, Moonmeadow has managed his silver mine for over a century. He remains aloof from the rest of the community, only interacting with the elvish servants who attend him at his manor and anyone capable of challenging him to warchess.
  • Gelch Tilgast (human): A decade ago, Tilgast was at the top of the mine trade in Buckler Lake. Smenk has been nibbling away at Tilgast’s powerbase for some time now.
  • Luzane Parrin (human): Two years ago, Parrin’s husband died under mysterious circumstances. Since then she has been struggling to keep above water and keep her family’s mine out of Smenk’s hands.
  • Ragnolin Dourstone (dwarf): No one is sure why Ragnolin left the Ruby Mountains, though there are plenty of rumors. He owns and manages a number of iron mines.
  • Zalamandra (human): The owner of the Emporium, the largest den of vice in Buckler Lake. She tolerates no strife within her walls.
  • Shag Solomon (unknown): A furred giant who was once part of Tiamat’s slave army, Shag is quite civilized despite his fearsome claws and fangs. He is an attraction in the Emporium’s sideshow.
  • Lazare (human): The owner of Lazare’s House, a warchess betting parlor.
  • Kullen (human): Of Thulite stock, the albino Kullen is Balabar Smenk’s bully boy. Those who give Smenk trouble get visited by Kullen and his gang.
  • Jierian Wierus (human): A cleric of Peridot, Jierian believes that chaos must be controlled through suffering and encourages self-mortification through whipping. He is surprisingly charismatic.
  • Tidwoad (gnome): A jeweler who runs a shop in Buckler Lake. He boasts that his shop is completely theft-proof.
  • Taggin (kobold): An affable man who runs Buckler Lake’s general store. He is very careful to stay neutral in town politics and has no interest in anyone’s affairs.
  • Golot (dwarf): Rather stupid, as dwarves go, Golot enforces the rules at Jalek’s Flophouse.
  • Captain Tolliver Trask (human): Commander of the Peridot garrison in Buckler Lake. He sees his job as the defense of the Free City of Peridot and tries to keep both himself and his men out of local business.
  • Dietrik Cicaeda (human): The chief cartographer of this region of the grasslands. He stays in the garrison so as to avoid trouble when it comes time to adjudicate disputes over land.
  • Merris Sandovar (human): Chief scout of the garrison. Rumor has it he is also a member of a Druidic order.
  • Valkus Dun (human): Tall, handsome and charismatic, Valkus is the perfect spokesperson for Scapolite. He is the head cleric of a temple of Scapolite located in the garrison.
  • Melinde (human): A charming young woman with an excellent swordarm. She is a paladin in service of Scapolite and assists Valkus Dun.
  • Lanch Faraday (human): A portly public stable owner. Rumor is he takes his temper out on the horses under his care.
  • Purple Prose (elf): Propriestress of the Midnight Salute, a house of ill repute.
  • Tyrol Ebberly (human): A severe looking man who owns the Captain’s Blade, a shop that sells weapons. Tyrol is also the town gossip.
  • Venelle (human): Owner of a somewhat chaotic shop that caters to those who prefer ranged weapons, Venelle has a fondness for elves and elvish culture and has been known to offer elves a discount.
  • Durskin (human): A digusting mariner who lives on his sloop, one of the few boats left in Buckler Lake. He’ll ferry people across the lake for a price.
  • Fester Trollump (halfling): A trapper who stays in town when he isn’t out in the grasslands. He sends pelts and the occasional rare, living creature to the Free City to be sold.
  • Dulok Blitzhame (dwarf): A representative of Ruby Mountain. He has two jobs in Buckler Lake. The first is to buy good quality ore for craftsmen back home. The second is to ensure the flow of Ruby Mountains goods into the grasslands and up to the Free City.
  • Manlin Osgood (human): A master smith who makes specializes in armor. He’s always polite and greats regular customers with a handshake and a slap on the back.
  • Benazel the Alchemist (human): A talkative alchemist who oversees the alchemical aspects of the smelting process in Buckler Lake. He also sells potions on the side.

Important Locations in Buckler Lake

  • The Emporium: Buckler Lake’s premiere vice den. The first floor is a freak show known as the “Hall of Science” where miners pay hard earned coin to see oddities. A separate fee is required to go upstairs to the gambling den and pub and, beyond that, the Veiled Corridor where any pleasure can be purchased.
  • Lazare’s House: A gaming parlor specializing in warchess. The entrance fee is steep and patrons are expected to bring their own pieces, though pieces can be rented if need be.
  • The Feral Dog: The busiest tavern in Buckler Lake. The Feral Dog is a rough and tumble place where miners can bet on Turqouise Shire dogs fighting in a pit. Arguments happen regularly and more than one poor soul has met his end when he was pushed into the pit with the dogs.
  • Temple of Peridot: This is the largest temple in Buckler Lake and it holds a fairly large Totem shard. There are three services a week where a surprisingly large congregation meet to listen to Brother Wierus’s sermons and whip themselves (literally) into a frenzy. The Temple also offers healing services for a fee.
  • Tidwoad’s: A jewelry and rare good store run by a rather snobbish gnome. Tidwoad’s is probably the only place in town to fence high end goods. Tidwoad boasts the store is thief proof and there’s a shield-guardian (a form of golem) in the store that helps keep that boast true.
  • General Store: A run of the mill general store. Taggin, the store owner sells foodstuffs and general gear here but not weapons or armor.
  • The Hungry Gar: A bland meal and a decent price. The Hungry Gar is where the group met.
  • Jalek’s Flophouse: A former fish warehouse that now serves as home to nearly a hundred indigent miners.
  • Garrison: The Garrison on the edge of town is a small fort dedicated to protecting the southeastern passage into the Peridot Grasslands. It is manned by about 60 members of the Free City Militia. Roughly a third of the soldiers are always out on patrol, marching the roads to keep them safe.
  • Temple of Scapolite: Occupying a large chamber inside the Garrison is a temple dedicated to Scapolite, Totem of Glory and Purification. Scapolite’s simple message of living right and well appeals to the Militia soldiers. Healing can be had here in exchange for a modest donation.
  • Lakeside Stables: The only public stable in town, the run-down Lakeside Stables is the last place most people would want to keep a horse. Sadly, for many it is the only option.
  • The Midnight Salute: A house of ill repute that caters to the Garrison and anyone seeking a less exotic and expensive option than the Emporium.
  • The Spinning Giant: A tavern that caters primarily to the Garrison, with a few merchants and mine overseers filling out the crowd. The Sheriff and his men are unwelcome here.
  • The Captain’s Blade: A shop that sells melee weapons. It has a few exotic pieces for sale as well as medium and heavy armors.
  • Venelle’s: A shop specializing in missile weapons and light armor. The owner keeps a few magical arrows in stock.
  • Able Carter Wagon Sail Inn: A company that connects the Free City to satellite communities via a fleet of wagon sails, the Able Carter Inn provides lodging for customers who use the travel service.
  • The Rusty Bucket: A popular restaurant that used to specialize in fish from the lake but now has a land-based menu. A trio of pipers play haunting melodies while people dine in a large common room.
  • Osgood Smithy: A smithy run by Manlin Osgood. Those who can afford it go directly to the smithy to order armor.
  • Smelting House: A large factory that smelts the local ore, preparing it for shipment out of Buckler Lake. Pollution from the Smelting House has turned the lake toxic.
  • Diamond Lake Boneyard: This overcrowded cemetery used to be a source of bodies for necromancers in the Free City. Recently, however, the Cult of the Green Lady has put a stop to that. A collection of Illithid and acolytes of other races, the Cult of the Green Lady was founded to honor a prophetess of Opal, the Totem of Death. Cultists regularly patrol the boneyard to discourage looters. Rumor has it, though, that one of the coffins in the boneyard is filled with treasure.
  • Old Observatory: Once upon a time, this crumbling building was home to an order of monks who looked for sign from the stars. Now, it is owned by Smenk, the mine owner, and he uses it to house cronies.
  • Menhirs: An old, stone ring. It is one of hundreds scattered across Krystallos. It serves as a ritual place for any druid who needs it.

Buckler Lake

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